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April 11, 2012
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In an April 10th article by Robert Bazell, the Chief Science and Medical Correspondent for NBC News, the public is given a shocking title: "Dental Xrays Can Cause Double Brain Tumor Risks".  After reading the article, Dr. Sugarman wants to challenge NBC News for their reporting method.  This type of article is extremely poor stewardship in presenting information and can hinder people in becoming good caretakers of their health.  The headlines are sensationalized. In the body of the article it actually says, "The study is the weakest type of epidemiology, a so-called 'case control study' ".  If this is the weakest type of study, then it follows that this is the weakest type of reporting. There is no evidence here or an accounting of statistics. It is done by word of mouth interviews of 1,433 people and it mostly depended on their recollections of xrays taken.  The article doesn't tell the reader if the xrays were digital (with extremely low exposure) or not, or how  many panorexs (whole head radiograph) versus single xrays were taken.

We, the professionals at The Sugarman Center want to reassure the public that we follow ADA guidelines (as low as reasonably achievable). We don't desire to take an xray unless there is a diagnostic need and we purposely avoid exposure on our youngest patients.  In addition, we use digital xrays (up to 90% reduction of radiation) and lead aprons with thyroid protectors.  We want everyone to know we protect our patients from radiographic over exposure and the devastation of unseen dental disease.


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